What does accident mean?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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It means that you did not mean to do it. If you slip and fall, that is an accident.

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It is grammatical inflection, the part of grammar that deals with how a word is changed or altered in form in order to achieve a new, specific meaning.

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Q: What does accident mean?
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Which is proper English on accident or by accident?

If you mean something happened that was not intentional, it should be by accident. "The boy stepped on the cat's tail by accident."

Is this how you spell acedient?

If you mean accident as in she got in an accident, that's how you spell it

What does accidental mean?

it means you did not mean to do it on perpose

What is a accident chrome?

Perhaps you mean accident prone?? Meaning your are likely to cause an accident if there is a possibility of doing so.

What does accident mean in hasawa?

it means

What does incidental mean in sport?


What does 'que faut-il faire quand on a accident' mean in English?

This is French for "what do you do when you have an accident?"

What does the medical abbreviation CVA mean?

Cerebral Vascular Accident, also known as a stroke.CVA is cerebrovascular accident, or strokeCerebrovascular accident, more commonly, stroke.Cerebrovascular Accident

What does accidental death mean?

Suicide "by accident" :)

When to use by accident as in the opposite of on purpose?

The word "accidentally" is a better than "on accident." I don't believe that on accident is grammatically correct. I am not sure what you mean by when to use it.

What you mean by accident?

Accident is anything that happens suddenly or unexpectedly without apparent cause but with marked effects.

Was William Duke of Normandy death an accident?

It was and accident; he didn't mean to trip over a brick at all.