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There are 2 types of assignments in life insurance.

Absolute Assignment - This means that you give up all of your rights to a life insurance policy forever. An absolute assignment may be used if you are selling your life insurance policy, or during a divorce where you give up all rights to your policy.

Collateral Assignment - A collateral assignment is when you give up your rights to a policy until you have satisfied your collateral requirements. A loan is a classic example where a bank may require that you get a life insurance policy with a collateral assignment. If you still owe the bank money when you die, the bank would be repaid its money and any leftover would be paid to your beneficiaries.

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Q: What does absoloute assignment mean in life insurance?
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What does accept assignment mean if selected on a claim for non-government insurance company?

It means you agree to have assignment of benefits (payments) made to the provider of service(s).

What does it mean when it asks if your life insurance policy is assigned?

It usually means that you have pledged or sold the end of life benefit from the policy to guarantee an obligation such as a loan. Otherwise, there is not much difference between an assignment and a beneficiary; You die, and the policy benefit gets divided up between the beneficiaries and assignees. Some insurance carriers don't make a distinction between the two. Assignment rules vary among insurance carriers, so if you are being asked to make an assignment, you may want to ask your carrier first. In any event, the carrier will require that you make the assignment or beneficiary change yourself; a third party can't do it.

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