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Because serving people is way too obvious. They are secretly private investigators.

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Q: What does a server really do in a restaurant?
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What is a professional server in a restaurant?

professional server in a restaurant

What are skills of a restaurant server?

A restaurant server must be nice, helpful, quick, and clean. Many restaurant servers severely lack one or all of these skills.

What is a restaurant server called?

a waiter

What is a server in a restaurant?

a waiter or a waitress

What is a food server?

Anyone who serves you food at a restaurant.

What are the basic etiquette that a server should exhibit in a restaurant?

good maners

What is a section in a restaurant?

Each server has their own 'section' in a restaurant, which just means that they have a certain group of tables that they must tend to.

Should a restaurant be taking 30 percent of the tips from the servers?

No, the tip is for the server. The restaurant should not be taking any percentage of the tips.

What the purpose of Application server?

it serves like a waiter in a restaurant who serves customer

How long should a server take to greet a restaurant customer?

2 mins

What restaurant jobs are there?

Hostess, Server, Bartender, Busboy, Manager, Chef, Cook, Dishwasher

What types of jobs do Thai people do in US?

I will say server at the Thai restaurant and a babysitter.