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Interjections and particles like those have many many usages and accordingly a vast range of meaning. Most commonly you see 'yo ne' at the end of a sentence, which is English roughly equals a question tag, generally used for gaining confirmation or agreement from the listener.

Like saying 'Sore WA kirei da yo ne' 'It's beautful, ha!'

'Kimi.. nihonjin da yo ne' 'You're Japanese, right?'

'Are WA Nanko-kun da yo ne' 'That's Nanko-kun, isn't he?'

There is also the possibility of you meaning 'yone' which is an outdated term for 'rice'. ( is kanji for 'yone' and has other readings too like 'kome')

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"Yo ne" in Japanese is an informal way to say "right?" or "isn't it?". It's often used at the end of a sentence to seek agreement or confirmation from the listener.

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Q: What does Yo ne mean in Japanese?
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