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Q: What does Whatever you are be a good one. mean?
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What does the quote Whatever you are be a good one by Abraham Lincoln mean?

There is no hard evidence that Lincoln every uttered these words, but people do say that he said them. What is means is to try be good at whatever you do. It is like the boy scout motto, "Do your best". Do a good job at whatever you are doing.

What are the qualities of good music?

Popularity is one good quality. If music does what you set out for it to do, that is it's quality. If you mean to arouse love, if you mean to bring about suspicion, if you mean to teach the alphabet, whatever. The affect music has is the objective. Or, if you mean to have no effect at all!

What does a red flag mean on AOL?

Whatever it means can't be good.

What does it mean when a guy stops being mean to you?

It depends on age, and what kind of relation you have! Maybe he is maturing, or maybe he realized that he likes you. Whatever the reason is, its most likely a good one.

What was one of Abraham Lincoln's quotations?

Whatever you are Be a good one ~Abraham Lincoln

What does eat out of ones hand mean?

to give one no trouble; do whatever one wishes

Do kids HAVE to have happy meals?

what do you mean they don't HAVE to have one they can have whatever they like!

What does bargaining in good faith mean?

meaning there is trust and your going to follow through with whatever your bargaining

How good is Davis p32 darringer?

It will stop whatever/whomever is ailing you. I have one.

What does it mean if you're told you have some talent?

It means you have some talent in you, you're doing good in your whatever it is your doing

What does 'created equal' mean?

everyone has the same oppurtunity to do whatever they please. no one is inferior to any one else

What is the karma of theory?

Whatever one do has to bear its result which is inevitable.Hence doing good things bestow its result in a good way.