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she insinuates that chillingworth is a bad man and doesn't like them or wants to catch them.

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Q: What does Pearl insinuate about Chillingworth when she playfully tells Hester that they should run away from the graveyard?
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What was the relationship between hester and chillingworth?

Hester an Chillingworth were married.

Who is chillingworth to Hester?

Hester's husband

Why was chillingworth torturing Hester and dimmesdale?

To get him to admit that he slept with Hester.

What effect does Hester's information about chillingworth have on dimmesdale?

Dimmesdale realizes Chillingworth is not the friend he thought he was. He decides to dismiss Chillingworth later on and not take in his remedies. Hester basically told him that Chillingworth is her husband and he's out to discover his secret.

Who is chillingworth in The Scarlet Letter?

Roger Chillingworth is physician & Hester Prynne's husband.

What did rodger chillingworth do for Hester?

koshy was here

What does Hester Prynne want?

Hester Prynne wants to live freely without judgment or shame. She desires acceptance and forgiveness from society for her past mistakes and the ability to regain her dignity and reputation.

How does Hester react to Dimmesdale's appearance?

Hester is surprised and taken aback by Dimmesdale's sudden appearance in the forest. She is shaken by his gaunt and spiritually tormented appearance, which is a stark contrast to his public persona as a revered and respected minister.

How could you interprter the relationship between Hester and William?

Roger Chillingworth was Hester's husband

What is chillingworth reputation as a healer?

In the story, he is the estranged husband of Hester Prynne, who reappears under the assumed name Roger Chillingworth, and proceeds to plot against Hester.

Why did Hester prynne marry roger chillingworth?

Hester Prynne marries Roger Chillingworth out of need, not love. Hester was poor and the sound of a future with someone rich sounded much more promising than her current life. Hester may have believed that they could fall in love one day, and they might have. Chillingworth's was so busy with work he had no time for Hester.

What causes Hester to decide to speak to Chillingworth after so many year's what does she hope to accomplish?

Hester decides to speak to Chillingworth because she realizes that his revengeful nature is harming both her and Dimmesdale. She hopes to bring an end to their suffering by convincing Chillingworth to release Dimmesdale from his torment and to find peace for himself as well.