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Q: What does Healthy life expectancy mean?
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What is calculated by subtracting years of ill health from overall life expectancy?

Healthy Life Expectancy.

What is the difference between life expectancy and healthy life expectancy?

The difference between life expectancy and healthy life expectancy is that life expectancy is referred to the life expectancy if existing mortality patterns continue calculated at birth,unless specified other wise, such as the environment, lets say a baby who has been born in Australia, because of its good living conditions it would be around 80 years of age, compared to south Africa with its higher chance of getting disease, its rate is around 50 years of age. where as healthy life expectancy refers to life expectancy with out the burden of disease or injury. !

Which strategy would have the least positive impact on life expectancy?

One strategy that would have the least positive impact on life expectancy is lack of exercise. Keeping fit and healthy is important in improving life expectancy.

Do I have to be healthy to survive and live?

Being healthy is key to survive and live. Having a healthy diet is important to losing the weight, keeping it off, and to live a long life. If we don't take care of our body we age ourselves and it can mean a shorter life expectancy.

How long does a lurcher live for?

The life expectancy of a healthy lurcher is 13 years

Is there such a thing as a life expectancy calculator?

There is no way to calculate one's life expectancy. We can not predict unexpected events or tragedies that naturally occur. Live your life to the fullest and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

What is the life expectancy in japan despite its high population density?

Even though Japan's population is quite dense it has a high life expectancy because the healthcare there is very good and people have a good education and know how to stay healthy. Its life expectancy is between 81-85 so is very high.

What was the average life expectancy for some one who was not a soldier in the US Civil War?

Between the ages of 35 to 50 was what your life expectancy would have been. 60 would be the max if you were very healthy.

What age do most humans die in Scotland?

Life expectancy at birth for Scots continues to improve, and recent trends show a slight narrowing of the gap between males and females to under 5.0 years in 2007 (males now having life expectancy at birth of 74.9 years compared with 79.9 years for females). However, life expectancy in Scotland remains low compared with most Western European countries. In terms of quality of life, healthy life expectancy at birth (based on a combination oflife expectancy and self-assessed health (SAH)) has also increased over the longer term but at a slower rate than the increase in overall life expectancy. The gap between life expectancy and healthy life expectancy is greater for women than for men, suggesting that they spend more years of life in poor health.

What is the death expectancy in Spain?

If you mean life expectancy, men 80.23 years and women 86 years

What country has the best life expectancy?

This depends on what you mean by best. But according to Schott's Almanac 2010: The country with the highest female life expectancy is Japan, at 85.6. And the country with the highest male life expectancy is Australia, at 79.3.

What does the phrase life expectancy mean?

it means how long your expected to live