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Q: What does GM stamped on a gold bracelet mean?
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What does GM 925 stamped on a piece of gold jewelry with diamonds mean?

The 925 is an indication of sterling silver, not gold.

What does 375 then GM 16 stamped on a ring mean?

375 means the ring is 9 carat gold & GM 16 may mean the ring weighs 16grams

What does 925 gm stand for on a bracelet?

It is unlikely that a bracelet would weigh 925 gm (grams), about two pounds. A close look at the bracelet should reveal that the 925 is preceeded by a decimal point---".925"---that is stamped on the piece of jewelry (ring, earring, bracelet, etc.) to denote that it is comprised of 92.5% silver. The remaining 7.5% is a hardening agent, often tin or copper. The fact that the bracelet in question appears to have "gm" following the number could be coincidental in that it could be the initials of the manufacturer or jeweler.

When a chain is stamped 926 Italy and it is silvery can it be white gold and on the back of that piece it has a GM?

The hallmark of 926 would indicate 92.6% silver, not gold.

What does the gold hallmark GM mean?

The Hallmark, Gilbert 1861- 1905

What do the letters gm on jewelry mean?

The letters GM on jewelry typically stands for 'grams'. The grams is in reference to how much gold is in the piece of jewelry.

What year is a engine with GM 8970010 stamped on it?

engine small mount

What does gm mean on gold?

gm is an abbreviation for 'gram' which is a unit of measure under the Metric system of measurement.You can obtain gram to ounce equivalents online at Wikipedia.

What V6 do you really have 14010257 0r also stamped on block is 471594 GM?

The number is stamped on the intack

What does GM 925 stamped on a ring mean it is a real diamond?

it just means the diamond is set in silver and not gold. Rarely can the metal setting for any jewelery authenticate the stones set therein. The numeric stamp 925 is an indicator of silver metal, and whether or not this is accurate may require testing.

Cylinder order for 97 GM Seirra?

stamped on the top of the intake manifold

How much 10 gm of 24 carat gold equal to 22 carat gold?

10 gm 24 carat equal to 10.84 gm 22 carat. Gold 10 gm.of 24 carat =. 10.84 gm of 22 carat