What does GMTV stand for?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Good Morning Television

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Q: What does GMTV stand for?
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What does the m stand for in gmtv?

the m in gmtv stands for music

When was GMTV created?

GMTV was created on 1993-01-01.

What is the legal name for GMTV?

The acronym GMTV stands for Good Morning Television and is located in the United Kingdom. GMTV was started 01 January, 1993 and ran until September 2010.

How much did Katie price get paid for miming on gmtv?

Katie got paid 1,000 to sing on gmtv.

Is GMTV live?


When was Justin Bieber on gmtv?

Justin Bieber was on GMTV on the 15th January 2010. He was interviewed and played his acoustic version of 'one time'.

What was Justin answear 0n 15 Jan at gmtv?

Justin Bieber's performance of "One Time" on GMTV plus get his cheeky answers to your questions

What is this weeks question on gmtv?

London Bridge

What had happened to gmtv?

I think it became Daybreak...?

What channel does GMTV comes on?

Channel 1

When our house gmtv series returns to tv in 2012?


What is gmtv penny smith twitter page?