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Q: What does Facial nerve VII do to the eye?
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What part of the nervous system is affected by the bell's palsy?

The Facial Nerve or Cranial Nerve VII is the nerve involved with Bell's Palsy.

What cranial nerve serves muscles covering the facial skeleton?

Facial Nerve (VII)

Cranial nerve involved in smiling?

Facial nerve (Cr. N. VII)

What is the nerve supply of the muscles of facial expression?

The muscles of facial expression are innervated by the facial nerve (cranial nerve VII). This nerve originates in the brainstem and branches out to supply the muscles involved in facial expressions, such as the orbicularis oculi, zygomaticus, and frontalis muscles. Damage to the facial nerve can result in facial muscle weakness or paralysis on the affected side of the face.

What cranial nerve is involved in Bell's palsy?

The Facial Nerve or Cranial Nerve VII is the nerve involved with Bell's Palsy.

What is the cranial nerve that is involved in tasting well seasoned food?

VII the cranial nerve or the Facial

What cranial nerve passes through the middle ear cavity?

I believe it is the facial nerve CN vii

Which one of the following nerves serves the anterior tongue's?

The facial nerve (VII)

Name a muscle that closes the eye?

The orbicularis oculi is the muscle responsible for closing the eye. It is a sphincter muscle that surrounds the eye.

Which cranial nerve is involved in the secretion of saliva?

CN VII (facial) The cranial nerves that regulate salivation are CN VII (facial) and CN IX (Glossopharyngeal). The cranial nerves that transmit the special sense of taste are CN VII (facial, to the anterior 2/3rd of the tongue) and CN X (vagus, to the posterior 1/3rd of the tongue). Of these nerves, only CN VII (facial) transmits both taste and salivation control.

Which cranial nerves monitor taste buds?

A) vagus nerve (X) B) facial nerve (VII) C) glossopharyngeal nerve (IX) D) trigeminal nerve (V) E) facial nerve (VII), vagus nerve (X), and glossopharyngeal nerve (IX) Answer is E

What muscle of Facial expression is not innervated by facial nerve?

The following facial muscles are innervated by cranial nerve VII (facial nerve):- orbicularis oris (closes lips)- caninus (snarling in a dog)- levator nasolabialis (lifts nose and upper lip)- levator labii superioris (lifts upper lip)- depressor labii inferioris (depresses lower lip)- caudal belly of the digastricus (opens jaw)