What does Corren mean in Spanish?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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They run or you all run.

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Q: What does Corren mean in Spanish?
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What does las Ninas corren mean in spanish?

That means the girls run. Las niñas means girls ad corren means to run.

What is the plural for correr in spanish?

we is corremos ex:nosotros corremos they is corren ex:ellos corren

How do you say run my friends in Spanish?

Corren mis amigos.

When was Carmela Corren born?

Carmela Corren was born on February 13, 1938, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

When was Andy Corren born?

Andy Corren was born on March 27, 1969, in Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA.

How do you conjugate correr in Spanish?

(yo) corro (tú) corres (él, ella, ud.) corre (nosotros) corremos (vosotros) corréis (ellos, ellas, uds.) corren

How do you say The girls are running in Spanish?

To say 'I have to run' in Spanish, you would say 'Tengo que correr.'

What music genre does Carmela Corren sing?

Carmela Corren is an Israeli born singer and actress. She had released songs in the 60's, and starred in many films, the style of music she plays would be classified unclearly.

How do you say 'run' in spanish?

To run as in physical motion = correr As a command (Run!) = "¡Corre!"

What movie and television projects has Jennifer Corren been in?

Jennifer Corren has: Played Shelley Day in "Mosaic" in 2005. Played Homeless woman in "Butterfly Crush" in 2010. Played Amy McMillain in "Hunting Dogs" in 2011. Played Supporter in "A Heartbeat Away" in 2011. Played Abbie in "Kiana" in 2013.

What does domino mean in Spanish?

what does domino mean in spanish

What does the name Antonia mean in Spanish?

Antonia in spanish mean Flower or Flor in spanish