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The average American consumes 50 pounds worth of sugar each year.

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Q: What does Americans use 50 pounds of per year?
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700 700 what? 700 pounds per year

How many barrels of oil do Americans use a year?

The United States uses about 7 Billion barrels of oil per year.

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to be honest i really dont no u could look it up in

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Americans eat about 180 pounds (81.6 kg) of wheat per person per year - but that's less than half of what Egyptians and Algerians eat. The people who consume the most wheat per year are Tunisians, who eat almost 500 pounds (226.8 kg) of wheat per person per year.

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The average amount of glue used per year is not as much as you think or it could be more then you think. The amount a person uses is about 5 pounds per year. Just think kids usually use them for school project and other things like that. While grownups use only about 1 pound per year . They don't use it that much because they don't have the need. They don't have s hooligan and don't do crafts as often as kids

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Americans use 815 billion of these per day?


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