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Aflac's most popular Accident policy pays people, via checks, if they are medically treated for any injury to their body that is not excluded from coverage (examples would be self inflicted injuries, or injuries sustained as a result of being intoxicated, or engaging in extremely high risk activities.)

It is not a replacement for health insurance, but instead provides the policyholder with cash they can use for any purpose. Here is a scenario in which the Accident Plan would be used:

A single mom works full time and supports, say, three children. She purchases the Accident Policy, either directly from Aflac, or as part of a payroll deduction program her employer offers. One day she gets a call from her child's school nurse. who informs her that one of her children has fallen off a jungle gym at recess and may have a broken arm.

The mother immediately leaves work (punches OUT) and goes to the hospital where her child has been taken. Doctor's take x-rays of the child's arm and confirm it is, indeed, broken. The child also received a concussion and for that reason is admitted to spend one night of observation in the hospital, and receives a head CT scan the following morning.

The mother loses a significant amount of time (days/weeks, maybe longer) at work to be at her child's side.

Here is what a typical Aflac Accident Plan would pay for that child's injuries (please note: these figures are just an approximate example; each state has their own version of the Accident Injury Policy, and payout amounts could differ)...

Initial Emergency Room Visit: $ 70.00

One night in the hospital: $1000.00

1st day in hospital $ 250.00

Fracture of arm: $ 100.00 - $1000.00 (depending on the size, type, and

extent of the fracture.)

CT scan of head: $ 200.00

Follow up visits to dr. $ 35.00 - $210 (maximum of six per injury)

Physical Therapy $ 35.00 - $350 (maximum of ten per injury)


Total pay-out: $2,380.00 (I chose $300 as the fracture benefit)

This money would paid in a check to the policyholder (the mother) to use for whatever she wishes; rent, mortage, groceries, co-pays, etc.

Please also note: There is by no means a comprehensive explanation of the Accident Policy. It offers many other benefits I didn't mention here (such as surgical benefit, accident life insurance, ambulance benefits, etc.)

In some states, the Accident Plan pays a 'Wellness Benefit" after 12 months of paid premium, and every policy year thereafter. The wellness check can be from $50-and up depending on the state when the policyholder or a member of the family listed on the policy gets their annual physical.

The accident plan's premium varies by state and industry, an approximate cost for a single family would be $9 a week, deducted pre-tax.

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Q: What does AFLAC accidents insurance consists of?
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