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It means the person is on probation for a period of 6 months.

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Q: What does 6 month probation mean?
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How much probation you get for a 6 month suspended sentence?

No way of telling. The amount of probation, and even the question of IF you get offered probation or not, is entirely at the discretion of the sentencing judge.

If your probation is revoked for 6 months and you only do 3 months in jail for it does that mean your probation will end 3 months earlier?


What does it mean if you are on probation?

it means the parent is in trouble for weeks of a month or even just a day or just a joke"a year".

How much would a probation make in a week month and what is their salary?

A probation officers average income is 45,000$ a year

What is 2 year Suspended sentence with 2 years probation?

2 years probation mean you will have to report to a probation officer weekly for 2 months and if you get clean urines for 2 months you go 2 times a moth and if no problem's occur then you only have to once a month but it you violate probation you will have a warrant issued for your rearrest and when you got to court they will most likely offer you 50% of your suspended sentence and some more probation. the time you receive you will only have to do 50% of so out of 2 years you will only have 6 months after you complete you will be released on ts and placed under paroleuntil your sentence is finished or another six months

What do they mean when you have a suspended probation?

If someone has their probation is suspended that means the Court has stopped the defendant's probation time and they are no longer in good standing with the Court. This happens because of a probation violation. It does NOT automatically mean the defendant will go to prison.

What does it mean when your period lasts 6 days when normally its lasts 3?

Nothing. They vary from month to month.

What happens when you get a DUI and are on probation for a DUI?

That's a violation of your probation. Most likely 6 months in jail.

What does probation subsidy mean?

probation subsidy is where the state reimburses the county for the offenders placed on probation, instead of being placed in state prison.

Is it illegal to torture a lizard?

yes. punishable by eunichism, and 1 month mandatory probation

What does 2years supervised probation mean?

That means reporting to a probation officer as directed for two years.

What does discharged from probation mean?

It means that you have successfully fulfilled the requirements of your sentence of probation and are released from "custody."