What does 1 GTT BID OU mean?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What does 1 GTT BID OU mean?
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What is 1 drop BID ou prn?

1 drop of solution twice a day both eyes as needed 1 drop BID = twice a day ou = both eyes prn = as needed

If you have 1 gtt what is that equal to in a teaspoon?

1 tsp is equal to 5ml. 1 gtt ( 1 drop) is equal to 0.05 ml....because 20 drops in 1 ml. so 5ml divided by 0.05= 100 gtt or drops. so I think 100 gtt or drops in 1 tsp.

How many m equals 1 gtt?

12 gtt equals to how many drops

How many ml in 30 gtt?

30 US quarts is equal to approximately 27,215.544 ml.

What did GTT mean to Americans in the early 1800's?

GTT - GTI Result by the 1830's over 1/3rd of pop migrated leaving homesteads marked with initials GTI, GTT etc…. Many across America saw NC as falling behind & refusing to make changes hence nickname "Rip Van Winkle State" - NC had fallen asleep. GTT meant gone to Texas or Tennessee GTI meant gone to Indiana or Idaho

How many teaspoons are in 15 gtt?

There are 60 gtt in one teaspoon. Hence there is 1/4 teaspoon in 15 gtt. Not exactly a correct form of question.

What does the medical abbreviation 1 tab BID mean?

It means 1(one) tab (tablet) BID (twice a day).BID means Two times a day. The drugs to be taken Two times daily.

What does naproxen sodium 220 mg 1 bid mean?

1 tablet containing 220 naproxen sodium twice daily.

What is the lowest suit in bridge?

Clubs. The rank order of suits from lowest to highest is Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades. This means that after 1 Club is bid, it is possible for 1 of any of the other suits to be bid. But if, say, 1 Heart is bid it is only possible to bid 1 Spade, 2 Clubs, 2 Diamonds, or some higher bid.

What is the exact amount in mL of 1 gtt?

gtt means a drop. It is a very small quantity. Generally speaking, there are about 20 drops in 1 mL, which would mean that one drop is 1/20 of a mL or 0.05 mL. That's just an approximation. Exact measurements are impossible without extremely precise measuring instruments. Of course, with more viscous substances this measurement would be different; these approximations generally apply only to water or other aqueous substances.

What are the release dates for What Am I Bid - 1967?

What Am I Bid - 1967 was released on: USA: 1 January 1967

When did Wei Ou die?

Wei Ou died on December 1, 1973, in Taiwan of kidney failure.