What does 14k gc 2 mean on jewelry?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What does 14k gc 2 mean on jewelry?
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What does Pwj 14 K 2 mean?

PWJ 14K stands for Paul Winston Jewelry, and the company now specializes in Bridal jewelry under the True Romance brand name.

What does it mean when jewelry is stamped 14K RL?

No worries a lot of jewelry has markings like RL. Just the name of the business or person putting their stamp on it. Now something like rgp means rolled gold not much value. I have 2 14k RL sets of earrings and they 100% real.

What does JS mean on silver jewelry?

What does js 2 mean on jewerly

What does it mean if a silver ring is stamped with 14k and 92.5?

There are two reasons a ring could be stamped with 14k and 925 1) The ring is made from both 14k gold and Sterling Silver (925). 2) The ring is made from Vermeil which can be made from 14k gold thickly plated over Sterling Silver.

What does 14K DO CZ marking an jewelry mean?

I wondered that too... I had found a ring that I thought was costume jewelry until I relaized it had a stamp on the inside of the band with that same thing. A place on eBay is selling a ring and this is what they say about it: "marked "14K" & "DQ CZ" which is the mark of the QVC TV original seller of this ring; 14K solid gold QVC ladies CZ "Diamonique" ring". Not sure if this is 100% accurate or not, but it seems to make sense. Anybody know any better???

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What do letters after 925 on jewelry mean?

the number stamp of 925 on a piece of jewelery means 92 1/2 parts of sterling silver,so the number 925 on jewelry means sterling.

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