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what should you torque the rocker arms to when you reinstall the push-rods to on a 3.4 Pontiac

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Q: What do you torque the rocker arms to when you reistall push-rods on 2003 3.4 Pontiac?
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Rocker arm torque specs for 1997 Pontiac Transport 3400?

The 1997 Pontiac Transport 3400 rocker arm torque specifications are 18 pounds. The rocker arm should be torqued in six pound intervals.

What is the intake manifold torque specs and ordering for the 3.4L on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am?

need torque specs for 3.4 pontiac grand am intake and rocker arms

Torque specs for 97 Pontiac grand am 3.1 rocker bolts?

18 ft pounds

What are the torque specs for 1970 Pontiac 400 Ram Air engine rocker ams?

20 foot pounds.

How do you adjust valves on a 1970 Pontiac 350?

There are no adjustments on a stock Pontiac valvetrain. You simply torque them to 20 ft lbs. Pontiac did not use locking rocker arm nuts. Any attempt to adjust them like you do a Chevy will result in the rocker nuts backing off.

What is the torque spec for rocker arm for a 2000 Pontiac sunfire?

service manual, it could be found at library or bought at parts store.

What is the torque spec for rocker arms on a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.1 L?

THe Chiltons says "14lbs + 30 degrees"

Is there a proper way to put in pushrods for a Volkswagen engine 1600cc?

Well...kind of. There's a recess in the cam follower (which is way inside your engine) that accepts one end of the pushrod and a recess in the rocker that accepts the other end. Pushrods are the same at both ends. So... Start by rolling the pushrod on a flat surface. If it won't roll, it's bent and you need a new one. Stick the pushrods into their holes, then install and torque the rocker arm. Adjust your valves, install the valve cover and you're done.

Do you have the rocker arm Torque specs for a 1998 Pontiac 3400?

14 ft pounds plus 30 degrees torque to 14 ft lb then turn 30 degrees more

Torque specs Chevy 2.2l rocker arms?

what is the torque on 2.2 rocker arms and in what order

What happens if rocker arms are not torque down to specs?

First of all, They DO NOT TORQUE. If I told you how to adjust the valves you would just get confused. You need to get a chiltons book and follow the directions on how to adjust the valves. If you did torque are adjust / tighten the valves all the way down then you have probley bent a push rod are a valve. Rocker arms that are too loose will clatter, and you won't have all the lift of the cam opening up the valve. Rocker arms that are too tight can bend pushrods, hold the valves open, and bottom out the springs.

What are torque specs for rocker arm bolts on a 02 Malibu v-6 3.1?

the torque specs arent the same for all malibus....every other year is different. the 2002 Chevy malibus are:168 inch pounds-then rotate an additional 30 degrees...hope this helps. make shure the pushrods are centered and bolts are finger tight before cranking them down or else you'll bend the pushrods.