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Q: What do you take for gas in your back and chest?
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Can gas cause pains in your chest and arm area and you feel it when you take a deep breath?

YES! Especially after surgery, but gas can travel virtually anywhere in the body and cause pain. Some other causes of pain in the chest: heart problems (obviously), pleurisy (inflammation of the lining around the lungs), heartburn. Gas and pleuricy give sharp pain...a heart attack can as well. Heartburn is normally a dull, burning pain.

How does your chest move as you breathe?

the chest moves front and back

How do you relief gas in the back?

I have acid reflux and I was eating a reese and then the next I started feeling gas in my chest so I took some vinegar and now the gas is in my back so what do I do now?

Can gas cause severe chest pain below left breast?

yes it can. it happens to me all the time. you should go to your doctor anyway asap. just to rule out heart heart problems. ive found that omeprazole(prilosec) helps alot i take it twice a day. but im no doctor so go to your doctor and talk to him before you do anything elsr.

Could pleurisy cause chest rib and back pain?

yes it can cause back and chest pain.

Can gas really feel like a baby kicking?

Did he use a condom? Yes it can. Gas can gurgle in the stomach and feel like something is moving inside. Gas can get under the ribs, up into the chest and even behind the rib cage in the back.

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When you wax chest hair how long does it take to grow back?

may be it takes a week or 10 days, but why do u do waxing, do you have more hair on chest, you can go for some hair removal solutions

Can you get gas in your chest?

Yes, you can get gas trapped in your chest. Doing sit ups will surely get the gas moving and will force it out of your system.

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What will happen to our chest size when we take a deep breath?

Our chest will expand.

What causes chest tightness only in the upper right side of the chest? careful, it can start of pneumonia, chest infection, Amoxilin worked for me good.