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Q: What do you put stuff in every day but never take anything out of it?
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He does not talk to you but he tells you to take care of his stuff?

If he tells you to take care of his stuff, you say "Of course, you know I will." Don't touch his stuff, walk away and never look back. You don't need this loser and you sure don't care about his "stuff".

Why is it ok to lie about what Catholics believe?

It is never okay to lie. To lie has been a sin in every culture, in every religion, and it is definitely against the Creator, as He, Himself, says in the 8th Commandment: You shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor. In the United States, you must take an oath anything you are going to affirm something to a superior, or in a court of law. It is never okay to lie, never, about anything.

What did Coronado take?

he didnt take anything because he never made it to the fabled seven cities

Is clotting off while giving blood unusual?

I have given blood every few months for two years and never been asked to take my clothes off. I have been asked to remove my jacket or sweater, but never anything more.

What do humans do in space?

humans can do anything in space. But you can not take anthing like psp's and stuff like that or phones.

How do you take money out of piggy bank when the hole is to small?

you can take a twezzers or anything that is small that can carry stuff and try to pinch some money out

What painkiller can a cat take?

NEVER give it anything without your vet knowing

How do you take of the furry friends clothes in build a bearville?

go to my stuff ubove your person it will have a tab saying furry freinds stuff click on it the click anything off and on

Glass is soluble in solution of?

Hydrofluoric acid. Very nasty nasty stuff. never take it casually!!

How long do you have to take your dog to the vet before to late if they are pooping out jelly stuff?

every two months

What to look for when transmission is being rebuilt on 99 conversion van 2500 8cv?

don't look at anything else that holds anything else up. Just look at all the screws and other stuff on it and take all the stuff that's on it.

How do you take a fold out of a louie vuitton bag?

To take the fold out of the speedies just place a few towels/stuffed animals/anything inside the bag to fully stuff it. Store it in its dustbag and in a few days the folds will be gone. Never refold the bag to place in the box, it will hurt the canvas.