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Q: What do you need to have a healthy body?
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How do keep a healthy body?

To have a healthy body, you need to get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, practice good hygiene, and exercise.

Why do you need to have periods?

It shows your body is healthy

Why we need vitamins?

We need vitamins to keep our body strong and healthy.

What is nutrient?

Nutrients are the things that mammals need in there body even fish need it. When you eat healthy foods it goes in your body and keeps you healthy.

Why is there a need for a healthy individual to jump?

It is healthy because it reduces the fatness and upgrades you body

How fruits help the body to stay healthy?

You need a variety of fruits to stay healthy. They contain the nutrition and protein that is needed by the body!!

What do the kidneys need to survive?

A live, healthy body to function in.

How can I be healthy every day?

To be healthy everyday, you need to have consistency in healthy habits. Proper diet and exercise will help with a healthy mind and body. These need to be done routinely and/or consistently in order to see the benefits.

Why do you need to eat food that contain vitamins and minerals?

Your body needs vitamins and minerals for the immune system, and to repair itself, and to grow.

Do you really need Physical education?

Yes to keep a healthy body

Why do you need to eat different types of food?

To keep your body healthy

Why do you need to eat healthful food?

To be healthy in both your mind and body.