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Go to the Hospital.

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Q: What do you need to do if you get hit in the temple?
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If you get hit near the temple will you die?

Yes! You would if you were somewhere near the temple really hard you would die!

Why does your temple hurt?

It can hurt because of alots of reason, maybe has been hit somewhere before headache can cause that and have a twitchy feeling on the left side of the temple most of the time.

How do you get the panels to be all o's on the Legend of Zelda?

You need to use the hammer. It depends which part of the temple on the isle of ruins you are talking about. You don't have to hit on the tiles themselves, you can hit the edges and it will flip the tile next to it. Whichever tile you hit, the tiles surrounding it will flip.

Why does it hurt to push on your temple?

The temple is a pressure point, which if hit hard enough, can cause brain damage and even death. This is because the temple is sort of a route to the brain from the outside.

Can you do witchcraft without the witchcraft temple?

You do not need a temple, but it is highly recommended that you have one. There are many places that you can have a temple some examples are: In your own home In you backyard (providing you have a backyard and the space you need)

What types of things are in a temple?

This depends entirely on the temple. You will need to specify which religion you are asking about.

How do you open the temple door in the faron woods in Zelda skyward sword?

there are three statues some are hiding but hit them with your sword and turn them to face the temple

Do you die right away when you get hit on the temple?

Most probably not. But if you're hit hard enough, it could happen.

How do you get to the gorgon temple in marjos mask?

if you mean the snowhead temple than you need the Goran lullaby.

How do you get past the shadow temple in Ocarina of Time?

This is a hard question to answer as there is much you have to do before you "get past" the Shadow Temple. the shadow temple is a hard temple to complete As the Shadow Temple is the seventh dungeon you will need to progress quite far into the game after you have become adult Link. before entering the temple you will need to go down the Well to receive the Lens of Truth.

On Pokemon diamond how do you get into the snowpoint temple?

beat the elite 4 dips hit

What happens when you get hit in the temple and it gets swollen and feel a little lightheaded?

it hurts ;(