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timekeeper means that who saves your time in office everyone is busy no one have time for gossip in office timekeeper means who save your time attending your office calls and tell about it this is the work of timekeeper.

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Q: What do you mean by time keeper and what are the duties of time keeper?
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What are some duties of a Engineering store keeper?

.Order . In time , receive in time , issue in time , stock level updated ..... accurate inventory

What is the job description of catering store keeper?

what is the duties and activities of store keeper in catering service

What are the duties of the score keeper in volleyball?

nothing hahahah

What are the duties of a church secretary?

a keeper of all members

What are the duties of time keeper?

A timekeeper is someone who keeps track of time.Like months Weeks And MinutesPaul Hamstra is the best!!!!!

Duties of store keeper?

the main duties of a shop keeper is to keep accurate information about the inventories. that how many product are going out and how many are in the stock. and according to stock plan let the management inform time to time that how many product they have in stock's that the management can set plan according to the information.

What are the duties of a store keeper in the hotel industry?

to suck dicks

What are the duties and responsibilities of a warehouse keeper?

The duties of a warehouse keeper include maintaining the building and keeping out unauthorized people. Responsibilities include maintaining cleanliness and keeping the products organized.

What are the duties of a time keeper in secondary school?

to protect the students

What are the duties of timekeeper in a track event?

The duties of a time keeper are to get times of people nicola thiesTimekeepers have the following duties:To record times for track athletes where there is no photo-finish equipment.To record times for track athletes as back-up to the photo-finish equipment.To record and call lap times for races over one lap.To record split times in relays.the duties of a time keeper is that they keep time of the athletics when they race. the answer is in the name, 'timekeeper'

What is the full contraction of keeper?

This can be time keeper or zoo keeper

Role of time keeper in a construction company?

the role of the Time keeper in any company is same. As the designation itself speaks the Time keeper plays the main roll in any industries. Mainly this is related with the physical presence of an employee in the factory/company premises. Time keeper is the person to whom every body knows and he knows every body. As you are inducted in the company the first person to whom you interact is the timekeeper. His duties are mainly, attendence, leave records, and the absenteesem. On his submission only your salary is prepared. so you need to be very consious about the time keeper. It is always the duty of the individual to be in touch with time keeper.

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