What do you mean by gutter in page?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What do you mean by gutter in page?
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How page margin affected by gutter setting?

In MS Word, As the Gutter Value is increased, Page Margin Will remain the same irrespective of gutter value, the gutter size will be affected.

What is the term of Gutter in adobe page maker?

space between columns is called as gutter in adobe page maker

What is the inner margin of a page called?

I think it is called a gutter

What is gutter margin?

margin that is added to the top of the page

What is the extra space that you leave at the left margin of every page?

gutter margin

Which tab in the Page Setup dialog box is used to add a gutter to a document?


What words mean the same as gutter?


In a prescription gtt is short for the Latin gutta from which you get gutter What does it mean?


What does tatsunokuchi mean in English?

Means 'mouth of the dragon' literally. It refers to traditional Chinese building ornamental dragon heads at the corners of roofs etc. It can also mean gutter spout where water flows into the gutter.

What does caniveaux mean in English?

le caniveau (masc.) is the gutter alongside the road.

Does every page on Microsoft Word have four margins?

Yes: Top, Bottom, Left, & Right --plus the gutter & it's position. Find these under File >Page Setup... 'Margins' tab.

Is guter a word?

if you mean gutter - it is a channel at the side of a road to carry away surface water