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it depends on what you ate

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Q: What do you have when you throw up?
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How do you regurgitate?

to throw up to throw up

Can porcupines throw up?

pretty sure all animals can throw up

What is throw up graffiti?

To "throw up" is to "tag" something. It means to put up a graffiti piece.

What is throw-up graffiti?

To "throw up" is to "tag" something. It means to put up a graffiti piece.

How do you make snake throw up?

by scaring it. the snake will throw up what it just ate

How do anorexic people throw up?

Anorexics don't eat. Bulimics throw up.

What do you do when you overdose on triple c?

Throw up. If you think you are ODing off of tripple cs and you arent throwing up, make yourself throw up. If you dont throw up you WILL die.

When you or your boyfriend or girlfriend where about to kiss did one of you throw up?

Me personally the first time i kissed a girl felt like i was going to throw up, but that is all just nerves, i actually did not throw up. After the first time that you kiss a girl you will like it and the butterflies will go away and you wont throw up or feel like you have to throw up.

What does lob mean?

to throw up high or to take but i would use to throw up high

What is the saliva before you throw up?

It protects your teeth from wearing down from the acid of the throw up.

What is happens if you throw up underwater?

Well, the throw up would spread around because you threw up underwater.

Where can you throw up when in a park or woods?

If you are in a park you try to throw up on the animals so the animals eat it. If your in the woods you want to throw up on the fire so the fire burns it away.