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get medical help immediately

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Q: What do you do if you swallow bengay?
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When was Bengay created?

Bengay was created in 1898.

What is the chemical reaction formula to Bengay?

The principal ingredient in Bengay is methyl salicylate.

Where did Bengay originate from?

Bengay is a treatment that is used to treat joint and muscle pain. Bengay was invented in the late 1800s by a French pharmacist named Dr. Jules Bengue.

Why is Bengay called Bengay?

That brand of analgesic rub is loosely named after Dr. Jules Bengué, the French-born pharmacist who invented it in 1898. Prior to 1995, it was spelled as Ben-Gay. After that, they changed the spelling to Bengay.

Can bengay help with neck or pain shoulder?

Well bengay helped me deal with the constant pain but I would recommend going to your doctor

Why does my cat eat Bengay?

Your cat should not do that.

Is there a cream for vaginal pain after intercourse?


Can you use bengay on a 10 year old?


Is Bengay good for arthritis relief?

yes however because it relives not only arthritis pain but other pain as well,also bengay is a topical cream so no side effects

Where to get bengay pain reliving cream in India?

if you know where can we get it in pakistan let me know please

Best homemade lube?

Bengay™ and lemon juice. Any kind of moisturizer.

Does bengay help with ereactions?

No, Bengay is a topical pain relief cream used to alleviate muscle aches and discomfort, it is not designed to aid with erections. If you are experiencing issues with erectile dysfunction, it is best to consult with a healthcare professional for appropriate treatment options.