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Take them to the doctor. The doctor will evaluate the risk and if it is a problem. Chances are that unless it has sharp corners that they will allow it to 'run its course' and come out naturally.

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Q: What do you do if a child swallows a small magnet from a toy?
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What to do when your child swallows a plastic toy?

go to the hostpital

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A bakugan is a small toy ball that turns into a small creature when it's put on a magnet.

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Probably a small plastic child's toy.

How can a consumer find out if toy trucks are safe for children under three years old?

Check the recommended age on the toy's packaging. A toy intended for an older child may be dangerous for a young child. Never give small toys, small balls or toys with small parts that are not attached to a child under three years. Examine the toy for a child under three years to see if it is a choking hazard

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Put a magnet on a toy...?

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Are there any harmful elements to a plush toy that would endanger a child?

If a plush toy has small pieces, such as they eyes or lashes, they could be dangerous to a baby if swallowed.

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Wooly Willie

Why is toy safety important?

Toy safety is important because if the toy wasn't safe the child with the toy could:choke on small parts and dieput out an eye with sharp partsswallow pieces and need major surgery to remove the partssuffer lead paint poisoningdie from an unsafe or dangerous toy.

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