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Q: What do you call rubbish that rots away naturally?
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What do you call rubbish that rots away?

Biodegradable waste.

Why does litter take longer to rot away in antarctica?

Litter never rots away in Antarctica; litter freezes.

What is the verb for rotten?

The verb of rotten is rot.Other verbs are rots, rotting and rotted.Some example sentences are:"The apple starts to rot"."He rots in the prison"."All this food is rotting away"."The corpse has rotted".

What is the population of Rots?

The population of Rots is 1,435.

Are brown and white rots all referred to as wet rots?

Only the wet rots are named wet rots, but on a completely different subject. I like cheese! HAHA

What is the area of Rots?

The area of Rots is 12.22 square kilometers.

Is there a way to keep your brain alive and thinking as if you never died even after your body decays and rots away?

No. No know techology can do that.

What does acid in our mouths do to teeth?

It rots our teeth

What happens when a banana rots?

it turns brown

What is in soda that messes up teeth?

poop I Beleave it would probably Be the sugar cecouse it sticks to your teeth after you Drink and rots your teeth away

How can you test if Coca-Cola rots your teeth?

put a bone in the coke and see if it rots

What milk rots faster goat milk or cow milk?

cow milk rots faster