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911 if you are home.

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Q: What do you call if someone breaks into your detached garage?
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What do you call someone who breaks everything they use?

a welch

What do you call someone who breaks into houses and steals things?


Do you need to upgrade the 100A service in your house to run power to a detached garage?

All depends on what type of equipment you are going to operate in the garage. I would suggest you call an electrician. You can connect to your existing 100 amp circuit if there is an empty spot for a breaker.

What to do when someone broke into your house, should I immediately call 911?

Yes, if someone breaks into your home you should hide and lock yourself somewhere safe and call 911.

What if no one is there when your water breaks?

Drive to the hospital yourself or call someone. If you don't have a phone, get to the car! :]

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What do you call a house that stands apart on its own?

A detached house.

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If you found somebody in your garage what will you do?

If I found someone in my garage i would immediately ask why then call the police that's what I would do That's you if u want to go hurt them or argue with them that's u but im telling you what i would do

What do you call a building which cars and lorries are kept?

In the U.S. it would be a garage.

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