What do we breath?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What do we breath?
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How do praying mantis obtain oxygen?

breath in breath out breath in breath out

How to breath?


What is harder to catch the faster you run (joke)?

your breath 🤣😂

What do you breath in?

You breathe in oxygen, which is essential for your body to function properly. Oxygen is taken in through your lungs and is then transported by your blood to various parts of your body to provide energy for your cells.

How does photosynthesis produce oxygen?

they breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxeygen for us to breath or if not we couldn't breath

What is stank breath?

The correct phrase is "stinky breath" or "breath that stinks".

Do bushes breath?

yes bushes breath they are plants plants breath to

Why do we breath?

we need to breath because if we do not breath we can die and have ahearth acttack

What type of air do you breath?

we breath in oxygen and plants breath co2

What can you hold with out touching?

Your breath. Take a dump.

What is fecal odor breath?

Fecal odor breath is poop/dung breath

How does ants breath?

they breath their body