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Q: What do the initials FAC stamped mean on a pocket watch movement?
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How do you find out how old a westclox pocket watch is?

Westclox usually had a date stamped on the back of the movement (not the pat dates). If no date then it is usually from 60's up.

What does 14 stamped inside a diamond on a pocket watch?

14 karat diamond

Pocket watch stamped fortune gold filled AWC CO 20184089 324126?


What does the word guaranteed on a pocket watch mean?

If your talking about an old type pocket watch it may referring to the gold plating that it has,guaranteed to wear ten or twenty years is usually found stamped on the inside of the watch case.

How do you find the value of your Hamilton watch you have the serial number?

Serial # 23798. Case stamped 14kgold. Movement stamped 19 jewels 982. Watch still works.

What is the age and value of your waltham pocket watch with movement 540145 and case 09 with star dennison watch case?

is the movement a hampden or dueber? jordanfarms7@aol

What is is the value of a 1905 elgin pocket watch movement 9217489?

250 to 300 dollars

How do you get to the movement of a pocket watch?

The case and the back should be able to be separated by a sharp instrument and twisting carefully.

What is the value of a Remontoir Ancre pocket watch?

The answer to your question is, it all depends. The value is in the condition of the movement and type of case to include the age of the movement and case.

What does 14k special mean stamped on a dueber pocket watch case?

14 caret gold which is pretty good but not solid. I think 24 is solid.

On a gold pin what does the mark of 2 acorns back to back with an I stamped in one and an U stamped on the other along with a D inside of a square stamped on it mean?

I have a 14k gold gold pocket watch case that has the same hallmark on it as well. I still haven't found out who the maker is.

What is the age and value of my Waltham Pocket watch with movement 22045317?

I'm not sure of the value, but it was made between 1918 and 1919.