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xx and xy are the chromosomes of the male and female body. the female has xx chromosome and the male has xy chromosomes the sex determination chromosomes

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Q: What do the genetic codes xx and xy mean?
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Why do males have more sex linked genetic disorders?

Males are characterized by the XY sex chromosomes, while females have the XX. Y is generally non-coding; thus if a male's mother has a sex-linked diseases, he is GUARANTEED to also have it; however in females, if one X chromosome carries the recessive disease allele, the other X, if normal, will dominate. Thus, it is far more likely for males to contract these dieseases.

What is meant by crosswalk when working with databases?

Also referred to as a schema crosswalk, when someone talks about a crosswalk, what they are generally talking about is a table that allows for references to be built that allow the way data is stored in one database to be matched up with data in another database. For instance, let's say a school district's student database software keeps track of the gender of each student with a single character field that codes females with an "F" and males with an "M". The school district is required to upload data about their students to the state in which it operates for analysis, but the state wants to see males coded as "XY" and females coded as "XX". A crosswalk would need to be created that would convert the gender data in the export process. The crosswalk may look something like this: F -- XX M -- XY

What genetic disorder causes webbed fingers and toes?

Doctors call this condition syndactyly. Webbed fingers or toes can be part of Turner's Syndrome, which is a chromosomal disorder that affects only females. It involves the absence of all or part of one of the sex chromosomes. Normal female chromosomes are expressed as XX. In Turner's Syndrome, the sex chromosomes are expressed as XO, to indicate that there is a chromosome missing. More commonly though, syndactyly is caused by a genetic defect, and is therefore found to run in families. It is found in both males and females who have the normal arrangement of sex chromosomes: XX for females; XY for males. There are five different types of syndactyly which are classified according to which fingers or toes are involved. This condition can be corrected by surgery, which often involves a small skin graft from another part of the body. With the milder types of syndactyly, surgery can be considered elective (that is, not strictly necessary.) However, when fusion of the fingers or toes is extensive, or when the fusion will cause deformity as the fingers and hands grow, surgery is necessary.

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