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Both appropriated cultural traditions from multiple sources.

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2014-03-03 17:55:29
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Q: What do the Tuareg culture and the Candomble faith have in common?
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What do the Tuareg culture and the Candombl and faith have in common?

Both appropriated cultural traditions from multiple sources.

What does faith have to do with culture?

Culture needs faith. If there is no faith there is no culture. No faith also a culture. This culture also needs faith.

What are the release dates for Faith Under Fire - 2004 Culture Wars?

Faith Under Fire - 2004 Culture Wars was released on: USA: 26 February 2005

Explain the situation of sharing your faith in a modernpost-modern culture?

Aggressively pushing your faith is not considered cool.

Why did the Catholic faith have such a minimal impact on Roman culture?

The Catholic faith came AFTER the Roman empire fell.

What unites many people on earth?

Acommon faith

What does leadership and faith have in common?

Leadership and faith have several points in common, including the fact that both follow certain doctrines that strengthen them.

How does religion bring a group together?

Common faith, common beliefs, common values.

Who is the person who helped preserve faith and culture after the fall of the Roman Empire?


Who are the fathers of faith?

The fathers of faith will vary depending on the related religion and culture. For example, in Greece, the fathers of faith include: Clement of Rome, Irenaeus of Lyons and, Clement of Alexandria.

What is the relation between religion and culture?

religion is belief and having faith in a higher power, culture is a custom of the country or region where you live.

What is the importance of inculturation?

Everyone sharing the faith officially as a deputed missionary comes from some certain culture. In that culture they learned and practiced their faith. When they bring the Faith to someone in a different culture that have to know what is really Faith and what is just a cultural setting of that Faith, a non-essential or something that is just one of many ways of expressing or living that Faith. For example, sometimes you see the Pope in a foreign country and he's being entertained by a tribal dance. That is their expression of the Catholic Faith. St Augustine, as usual, says it best : In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.

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