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Sweets can put a hole in your teeth, or you can give you Gingivitis.Gingivitis Gingivitis can be defined as inflammation of the gingival tissue without loss of tooth attachment (i.e.periodontal ligament). Gingivitis is an irritation of the gums. It is usually caused by bacterial plaque that accumulates in the small gaps between the gums and the teeth and by calculus (tartar) that forms on the teeth. These accumulations may be tiny, even microscopic, but the bacteria in them produce foreign chemicals and toxins that cause inflammation of the gums around the teeth. This inflammation can, over the years, cause deep pockets between the teeth and gums and loss of bone around teeth—an effect otherwise known as periodontitis. Since the bone in the jaws holds the teeth into the jaws, the loss of bone from periodontitis can cause teeth over the years to become loose and eventually to fall out or need to be extracted because of acute infection.Or you can just have decayed or rotted teeth.

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Q: What do sweets do to your teeth?
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What kind of things make your teeth rot?

sweets sugary sweets

If you clean your teeth you can eat as many sweets as you like?

no.If you want healthy teeth eat only one or two sweets and brush you teeth for two hours or minutes.

Does chocolate harm your teeth?

Yes to much of chocolates and sweets do cause cavaties in the teeth.

How do you get a white teeth?

daily two time clean your teeth when u eat food item such as sweets clean your teeth

How did rehans teeth fall out?

he ate too much sweets

Will sweets really rot your teeth?

The plaque that forms on your teeth is full of bacteria that feed on sugar. As the bacteria eat the sugar, a byproduct is created--acid. The acid wears down your teeth and causes cavities and hefty dental bills. So in short, yes. Sweets rot your teeth.

What causes dental health?

By eating to much sweets and not brushing our teeth .

How sugar make hole in yuor teeth?

by eating over 230 sweets a day

Why brush after eating chocolates?

After eating sweets, you should brush your teeth to remove the sugar and leftover particles. This helps maintain healthy teeth.

Can you eat sweets with braces and still get no marks?

I have got braces and was told that I can have one can of fizzy drink a day so that is the same with sweets. You will only have marks on your teeth if you do not clean them properly and twice a day. I eat what I normally do which does consist of sweets but the orthodontist says I am cleaning them very well and haven't been eating sweets!So yes they will leave marks if you do not clean your teeth properlyHope I helped and good luck with your braces!

Why is having bad teeth bad?

you have to go to the dentist and have lots of treatment and not eat any sweets it might be tsty but so bad 4 your teeth:) xx

What are sugar bugs?

Sugar bugs are little bugs that make cavities in your teeth. They form when you eat sweets.