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They call it "similarity" you should know that.

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Q: What do scientist call such similar structures?
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What do scientist call the tiny structures that carry out cell activities?


What do scientist infer from the similarities between these two structures?

What two structures

What are similar structures that evolve independently?

Similar structures that evolved independently are called analogous structures, or analogies.

What planet do scientist call earth's twin sister and why?

Venus. It is VERY similar to Earth in mass and diameter. ;-D

What are similar structures that evolved independently called?

Similar structures that have evolved independently are called homologous structures. An example would be the wings of a bird and the wings of an insect.

Similar structures that evolved independently?

homologous structures

What are similar structures inheirited from an ancestor?

homologous structures

What do you call a British scientist?

A scientist.

Are homologous structures similar structures in related organisms?


What do you call an scientist?

you call a scientist a scientist but there are different study's in science which are called different names i hope this helps.:)

What do scientist call the seahorse?

Scientist call the seahorse a "Hippocampus"; a latin word

Similar structures that related species have inherited from a common ancestor are called structures?

Homologous structures.