What do rabbits taste like?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Rabbit tastes like rabbit. Some people say it tastes like chicken. Humans eat other animals, fact of life

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Q: What do rabbits taste like?
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How do baby rabbits taste?

They have taste buds on their tongues, just like people.

Can rabbits eat gourds?

yes they can but not all rabbits like the taste

Do rabbits have a good sense of taste?

Yes. Thier sense of taste is just like ours.

What is an interesting unusual fact about wild rabbits?

they taste like porpoise

Why do rabbits like carrots?

Rabbits like carrots because of their instincs and they have the same sort of taste buds .Also, they are a treat for rabbits. They are just like candy bars for them. Rabbits do not need a carrot everyday. Give it to them once or twice a week for like a treat for being good.

Is it safe for me to put 'Bitter Apple Spray' on wires to stop my rabbit from chewing wires?

It is, and it will deter some rabbits. However, some rabbits (like mine) really like the taste of it, and will just lick it off. If the bitter apple spray actually taste good to your bunny, try hot sauce (mine likes the taste of hot sauce too, but it deters some rabbits from chewing).

Is celery rabbits favourite food?

depends not all rabbits have the same taste mine likes marshmallows

Why do rabbits lick humans?

rabbits, like most animals, are very curious and need to find out everything that is around

What do rabbits hate food?

because it might not taste good to them

Why eat rabbits?

Because they are a good source of protein and they taste good.

Do bunnys taste good in pie?

The term for cooking is "rabbits," and many people do enjoy rabbit pie. .......................................................... Others think eating rabbits is wrong; rabbits are cute not tasty.

Why do rabbits eat leaves?

because they can. Leaves and grass seem to taste good to rabbits. If a rabbit tried to eat meat it would get really sick.