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Q: What do organs do while sleeping?
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Which of the body systems are impacted by sleep?

Yes, your internal organs continue to work while you are asleep. Only the voluntary muscles (but not the heart muscle) have no work to do, while you are sleeping.

What is the duration of While You Were Sleeping?

The duration of While You Were Sleeping is 1.72 hours.

When was While You Were Sleeping created?

While You Were Sleeping was created on 1995-04-21.

Why does your body get cold while sleeping?

I believe when your tired, you get cold. When you sleeping, you are very tired. You get cold while sleeping because you are tired

Why should not cover the face while sleeping?

There is surely no harm in covering the face while sleeping.

When was While You Were Sleeping - album - created?

While You Were Sleeping - album - was created on 2007-11-06.

Do birds fly while sleeping?

No, they land before sleeping.

What do cells have to allowing tissues and organs to grow and heal?

Cells don't have anything special they just go through massive mitosis while you are sleeping. When you sleep your body is resting and healing itself.

Why do you need energy while your sleeping?

We need energy while sleeping because our heart is beating and we are living.

Can you yawn while you are sleeping?

Yes, you can yawn while sleeping, I've seen it done many times.

Do you get a baby while sleeping?


Are you unconscious while your sleeping?