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Inversion tables are marketed towards individuals with lower Back pain. They are advertised as being able to provide lower back pain relief, however studies suggests that health effects of inversion tables, positive and negative, are minimal.

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Q: What do inversion tables supposedly do in terms of health benefits?
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Do inversion tables work?

Inversion tables do indeed work. As long as the user knows how to read the inversion table it should work well.

What do you know about inversion tables?

Inversion tablet relief the back pain naturally.Inversion table therapy involves hanging upside down or at an inverted angle with the intention of therapeutic benefits.

Are inversion tables generally used as exercise equipment?

Inversion tables are often sold as fitness or exercise equipment, however most manufacturers and professionals will speak of them in regards to the health benefits that they offer. They are best known for relieving back pain, but they can also help with the negative effects that gravity has on us such as circulation and compression problems. They are also good for relaxing and reducing stress. Some of the fitness and exercise benefits include stretching and relaxing ligaments which encourages healthy movement of ligaments.

Can the inversion table help you grow?

Inversion tables don't help you grow, but may help you stand a little taller.

Do Inversion tables really help arthritis?

yes. or is it no? its one of those.

Are inversion tables really good for people?

Inversion tables are really good for people. It is a good product used for alot of people with minor to severe back pain. It is also used to help the spine as well.

Where can one purchase a gravity inversion table?

Inversion equipment can help someone with back or spine problems. Some equipment can be purchased directly from Amazon. Flaman Fitness also carry an assortment of Inversion Tables one could purchase.

Where can one find inversion table reviews online?

You can find the inversion tables reviews on a site called inversion table selects dot com. It will give you most of the information that you are wasting to know.

How do inversion tables help back problems?

Inversion tables is type of stretching exercising. It helps in proper alignments of spinal chord. Also due to inverted position , the different weight distribution helps in pain relief.

Can inversion tables help with migraines?

There have been some reports of inversion helping to reduce migraines but there is no medical report that supports that claim. In fact often times due to the nature of inversion, it could increase the severity of a migraine.

How do inversion tables work?

An inversion table is used to invert the body at a steep angle. This is claimed to treat back pain, but is regarded by the medical community as a quack treatment.

Are inversion tables safe to use if you have high blood pressure?

Yes, you can use the inversion tables safely even if you have high blood pressure. The best advice would be to check with your doctor for time limits while using the table and warning signs if a problem arises.