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Coal, Coke, Peat and Paraffin are all fuels.

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Q: What do coal coke peat and paraffin have in common?
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A solid fuel which can be used in a boiler or an open fire?

One example of a solid fuel is coal. Coal was used in many early factories during the beginning of the industrial, but was phased out because it was not a clean burning fuel source.

What are some solid fuels?

Bagasse, peat moss, anthracite coal, lignite coal, petroleum coke and biomass are all solid fuels.

How peat becomes coal?

how peat becomes a coal

What do peat brown coal and black coal have in common?

They are all formed from the sedimentation of plant matter.

What is the difference between peat and brown coal and black coal?

peat is soft and the others aren't

What is the most common type of coal?

Peat is sometimes considered a type of coal-so surely it must be seen as the most common. There is a lot of bituminous ("soft") coal. Anthracite ("hard") coal, which produces less air pollution, is less common.

Another name for a coal deposit?

Vein and/or Peat (depending on reference, peat is the beginning form of coal).

Why can't coal form in the arctic?

Coal forms from peat, and peat forms in bogs. There is not enough organic material in the arctic to form coal.

What are four fossil fuels?

it is peat,lignite,bitumirous coal,athracite. it is peat,lignite,bitumirous coal,athracite.

How are peat brown coal and black coal different?


Is peat the first stage of coal?

It can be, but not all peat becomes coal, and not all coal began as peat. Peat forms on the Earth's surface, while coal has to form within rock layers deep in the Earth. Coal takes many thousands of years to form. Peat forms more quickly, but only at about 1 mm depth per year. So neither can be considered a renewable form of energy.

What are all of the fossil fuels?

peat,nateral gases, coal, petroleam, and peat