What do anti toxins do?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What do anti toxins do?
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How do you fight toxins?

There exist many anti-toxins that greatly reduce the effects of toxins.

What has modern medicine developed to neutralize the efforts of toxins and poisonous bites?


Cells which fight disease either by phagocytosis or by forming antibodies are called?

White blood cells? they make anti-bodies and anti-toxins...

Is white white blood cell part of the immune system?

Yes. Some produce anti-bodies and anti-toxins to destroy foreign organsims, while other types engulf (eat) the organisms. The white blood cell's anti-body types tell your blood type.

Which salts has no toxins?

Salts have not toxins; don't confuse toxins with toxic substances.

What drug will help clean your system THC?

well that's tricky because most people get anti toxins to clean their system when it does not clean your system it coats your system so that when you pee it comes out "clean", but if they were to do blood test or hair test you will still fail, there is some kind of pills you can get at gnc that are actual system cleaners that will clean out your system completely in about a week or so and the pills cost about 40 to 50 bucks which is about how much anti toxins cost so either way, also anti toxins only last for about 8 hours after you ingest them, where as the system cleaner will last as long as you don't smoke more pot

What are viral toxins?

toxins secreted by viruses

What are toxins?

Toxins are poisons. They may be natural or manmade.

What toxins are in cigarette ashes?

What toxins are in cigarette ashes?

What are the toxins in a keyboard?

There are no toxins in keyboards, but using toxins as keyboard cleaners is a popular method for keeping keyboards clean.

Does bacteria produce toxins?

Yes. Bacteria do produce toxins. Usually gram positive bacteria produce exo-toxins and gram negative bacteria produce endo-toxins.

Does Ebola produces toxins?

No. It doesn't produce toxins as we know them.