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To keep you alive, mostly.

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Q: What do all organs in the body work together to accomplish?
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Organs that work together to accomplish specific functions form?


Are organs are groups of tissues that work together to accomplish a particular function?


How do the muscular system and the reproductive systemm work together in the human body?

The organs work together by

What is a collection of tissues that work together to carry out a function in a body?


Organs work together to form body systems body systems work together to form what?

That is the organismal level. Many organisms have several organ systems.

Different organs work together as?

When different organs work together, they work together as a system.

How your body like a soccer team?

Soccer Team: Team members work together to win the gameYour Body: Organs and organ systems work together to surviveYour organs and organ systems work together to survive, similar to team members of a soccer team working together to win the game.

How your senses organs work together?

Every single function of the body is managed and controlled by the 'brain', including our organs and senses.

What is made up of different tissues that work together to do certain jobs in the body?


What are the organs that work together to maintain the acid-base balance of the body?

Lungs and Kidneys

What is the relationship between individual organs and the body systems that they make up?

Individual organs have their own jobs, but in the body system, they work together to be more efficent.

What is the term for organs that work together?

plants and animals have many organs that work together in an organ is