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Q: What direction do you turn the distributor to advance timing on a 396 Chevy?
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Which way do you turn the distributor to advance the timing on a chevy 350?

Turn it to the opposite direction that the rotor rotates.

For a Chevy 350 with rotor that turns clockwise what direction do you turn distributor to advance or retard?

Rtr. turning clockwise. Rotate distributor counter clockwise to advance timing, clockwise to retard.

Which way do you turn the distributor on a 7.4 liter Chevy to advance the timing?

Counter clockwise to advance.......clockwise to retard

What direction do you turn the distribtor to advance the timing on a 305 Chevy?

counter clockwise.

How do you advance the timing on Chevy 305?

Loosen the bolt holding the distributor in place, and turn the distributor counter clockwise. If it bucks the starter, it is too far advanced.

How do you reset the cam timing and ignition timing when youv removed the distributor from a 1977 Chevy 305 small block?

cam timing will not change ignition timing i would try 8 or 10 degees advance at idle with the vacuum advance disconnected.

How do you advance the timing on a big block Chevy?

Loosen the distributor, and turn it counter clockwise. This should be done with a light in measurable amounts.

What controls distributor advance on a 1987 Chevy 305 TBI engine?

Distributor Advance is the wrong term; the Distributor Advance system implies actually moving the timing components of the distributor to control timing of spark in the engine (A Vacuum Advance, is an example of this). Modern controls use computer spark mapping, through learned routines or factory set timing models to control the spark based on these tables, through the computer. In all essence it is the computer that controls all spark functions.

What is the advance on chevy 350 timing?

The vacuum canister can advance 24 degrees beyond initial timing.

How do you set timing on 1990 Chevy 5.7?

you turn the distributor and use a timing light

How do you reset timing on 1973 454 Chevy after replacing distributor cap?

No need to if the distributor was not moved.

Which direction is distributor rotation Chevy 454?