What did the iroqois do for fun?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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they threw monkeys at a wall and saw which one made the biggest splatter

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Q: What did the iroqois do for fun?
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What did the iroqois eat?


What the iroqois eat?


What did the Iroqois make?

I don" know I'm asking you

What does the tribal name mean?

The tribal name Iroqois means Tribe Of Fiery It got it's name by Dr.Densel B. Fredrickson. Whom studied the Iroqois Indians for over 15 years.

When did the iroqois first start the confederation?

they started the confederation on august 31

What tools and weapons do the iroqois' use?

They used spears from killing animals like buffalo's and deer.

How did the Iroquois cleared the land for planting crops?

How did the iroqois men clear the land for planting crop?

What American Indian dwelling in eastern woodlands?


Were Iroqois people famous for living in long houses?

no but they were famous for inventing it. The longhouse is a very important place for them in winters.

What are some native American Indian tribes and where were they?

one Indian tribe was the iroqois Indians they lived in the northeast woodlands

What would the iroquios eat if animals were extincted?

the iroqois would eat bread made from wheat! or they would eat vegetables

Does Mexico have an Indian Tribes?

yes many but some are extinct the three most famous are the Inca's Empire, Aztec Empire and the Iroqois