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Madonna wears crazy clothes. [Like Lady Gaga]

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Q: What did the clothes that Madonna wore look like?
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What did the shogun clothes look like?

They wore Hakama and a sword to his right

What did the clothes of a medieval weaver look like?

they wore nothing nice or anything they just wore a tunic it was like a big T-shirt

What did the Ute Indians wear?

They wore animal skins (upper clothes and lower clothes). They look like jackets and pants.

What did the clothes look like in the 60?

clothes looked kind of weird in the 60's because men usually wore girly colors and girls wore weird stuff too.

In which music video did Madonna wear white?

Madonna wore white in her "Like a Virgin" video. Click on the Related Link to see Madonna's performance.

What did Anne Frank's clothes look like?

During concertration camp she wore a blackgrayshort; sleve dress.

What colonial clothes did Patrick Henry wear?

He wore like a red cloak or something you can look it up on google images

Where did britney get her pants she wore with Madonna?

Out of Madonna's daughter's (Lourdes) closet.

What did Chanel look like?

She was famous for her short brown hair which she wore in a bob. A very petite lady who was very slim, like the clothes she created.

What did womens clothing look like in 2000s?

womens clothes were not really different then they are now. they wore uggs and strapless dresses and leggings they had hair like we do today.

What kind of clothes did immigrants wear?

the immigrants wore not fancy clothes... women wore dresses and skirts things like that, and men wore shirts and pants because thats all they had. they had slip on shoes, but they wore out quickly.

What kind of clothes did Greek goddess Athena wear?

she would hve wore something like a white cloth made to look like a dress of some sort