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Suaske became evil

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Q: What did suaske did to Naruto that made Naruto and him enemy's?
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Who will kill Tobi?

no one knows... I would guess naruto or maybe suaske.

Who will win naruto and suaske vs goku and gotenkes?

Base Goku solos narutoverse.

Who are Naruto's enemys?

in the episodes he has millions of enemys like orochimaru wich was killed by sasuke and other people

Is Naruto also made into a film or is it just manga?

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are also made into an anime as well as a manga.

Who were the greek god's enemys?

The enemys of the gods were the titans and those who worked with them

What is sonics enemys name?

his arch enemys are shadow, scourge, dr.eggman, and silver

Where can you get Naruto episodes that's not out even in japan?

the naruto episodes are made by japan and only them. naruto was made by them so only they can broadcast naruto. america only makes it into english for the viewers

Have every single episode of Naruto that has been made or was going to be made been put on TV and has Naruto Bcome Hokage yet because you don't have foxtel so I don't know?

Every single episode of naruto has been made but naruto shippuden is now running. This is the events that happen 3 years after naruto. And no naruto has not become hokage yet.

Are Naruto games made in china?

No not in China but there are games in China. Naruto games are made originally made in Japan and shipped to other countries.

Where was Naruto Shippuden originally made?

Japan, where all the Naruto stuff starts.

Do any Americans appear in Naruto?

Naruto was made in Japan and dubbed in Japanese.

When do Kago and Giroro Show up in Naruto?

they never do, cause they arent in naruto they are basically fan made naruto occs