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Blacksmiths would wear simple clothes under thick leather aprons. The leather was protection against sparks and hot parts.

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Q: What did blacksmiths wear in the middle ages?
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What do blacksmiths do in the middle ages?

Blacksmiths made everything metal: swords, armor, horse shoes, etc.

How long have blacksmiths existed?

Blacksmiths have existed since the middle ages. All those Crusaders could not have done without a lot of blacksmiths.

Where blacksmiths able to make money in the middle ages?

yes people payed for their materials

Were women blacksmiths in the Middle Ages?

Answer:no, women did not do that kind of work.Answer:Actually, yes there were women who were blacksmiths and ferriers in the Middle Ages, as medieval records show.There are a couple links below that might be helpful about this, one to a related question on the things medieval women did, the other being a link to a Wikipedia article on horses in the Middle Ages, a section relating to women.

What did female blacksmiths wear in the middle ages?

Very few blacksmiths were female in the middle ages.--------------I did a search for pictures of medieval blacksmiths, and came up with three images worth considering. None was of a woman blacksmith, but those who were represented seemed to be wearing ordinary medieval clothing with the addition of an apron.We do not have pictures of female blacksmiths from this era, as far as I know, but we can guess that those who existed wore ordinary women's working clothing of the time with the addition of the apron. We do know that a few women were recorded to have been blacksmiths, but probably rather few.Women's work clothing varied more in those days from one place to another, and though styles changed slower than they do today, the Middle Ages lasted a thousand years, so you can imagine there was a lot of variation.

What did blacksmiths do for free time in the middle ages?

For free time in the middle ages blacksmiths would make what we seem to never have enough of... nails. nails can take from 3 min. to 10 min. depending on skill but when blacksmiths had no orders they made these because one order might be thousands of nails and as for me I'd rather not make a couple thousand nails at once.

What did men wear in the middle ages?


What did guys wear in the middle ages?

they where robes

What do monks of the middle ages wear?


What did monks wear as shoes?

Monks wear saddles in the middle ages.

What did Chief Cooks wear in the Middle Ages?

Nothing, ;)

What did the princess wear in the middle ages?

Clothes Duhhh