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Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were both Civil Rights activists. They did agree that the inequality towards colored people needed to stop.

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Q: What did Malcolm X and Martin Luther King agree on?
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What did martin luther king jr and Malcolm X agree?

that all people should have equal rights

Who was better martin Luther king or Malcolm x?

Malcolm X

What Civil rights leaders were assassinated in the 1960's?

Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Medgar Evers

How were Malcolm X an martin Luther king the same?

they were black

What did Malcolm X think about Martin Luther King?

he did not like Malcolm X beliefs

Why didn't Malcolm X and Martin Luther King join together?

Although Malcolm X and Martin Luther King had different believes they joined together in the fight for blacks' rights.

Did Malcolm X join Martin Luther king?

Malcolm x meat him in 1867

Did Malcolm X's tactics hinder Martin Luther King's objectives?

what was martin Luther King Jr job was what did he work at what was the name of the company he work at

What was Martin Luther King Jr's death like?

malcolm x

Goals and methods of Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm?


How did Malcolm X help Martin Luther King Jr?

find out

What historical event is Malcolm X associated with?

Martin Luther King.