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I do not know. You will have to go and ask that question to Nikola Tesla

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Q: What did Einstein say when asked how it felt to be the smartest man in the world?
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Why did Einstein urge Franklin Roosevelt to authorize research on atomic weapons?

Einstein received word from colleagues that Nazi Germany might have been researching atomic weapon technology at the time. Einstein felt that it was his duty to warn the Americans that Germany might be developing their own atomic bomb at the time, and that America should rush to beat the Germans to the bomb. He met and wrote President Franklin Roosevelt to give these warnings. As a result of these meetings, the Manhattan Project was initiated to develop an atomic bomb before Germany did.Additional InformationActually, Einstein had no part in composing the famous letter to FDR. It was put together by Hungarian scientists Leo Szilard and Eugene Wigner. Once it was done, however, the Hungarians felt that the letter would receive a better reception if it bore the signature of the eminent Albert Einstein.

What did Einstein say about time?

Einstein completely rejected the separation of time known as the "now". He believed there was no true division between the past, present or future and all existed simultaneously. He felt there was but a single existence. Speaking after the death of a friend, he wrote a letter to the man's family, citing that although he had passed on before him, it was of no consequence since physicists believed the separation between past, present and future is only an allusion.

Why did albert Einstein not attend his noble prize ceremony?

The award was announced on 1922 November 9th, and the ceremoney took place on December 10. Einstein was simply unable to arrange transport to Sweden in that amount of time. He MIGHT have been a bit miffed that he was awarded the Prize for his work on the photo-electric effect, and not on relativity, so he MIGHT have felt little incentive to make the effort to attend. Note the word "might," the previous sentence is pure speculation.

What are felt tipped pens made out of?

Compressed felt.

Can matter receive energy?

Energy, such as light, are not matter since they cannot be touched or felt.

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How did Albert Einstein feel when he came to the us?

he felt well and like he was changing the world

Why did Albert Einstein get expelled from high school?

The headmaster expelled Albert out because he felt that Einstein was not an ideal student. Einstein was lazy and did not do proper work. He was setting a bad example for students because Einstein did obey the rules and follow his own instincts. Therefore , the Head teacher felt that Einstein had to be expelled.

Why did your boyfriend ask you out?

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What happened to Albert Einstein when his parents died?

When Albert Einstein's parents died, he felt bad about it, but gained more strenght to keep going on towards his dream.

How does albert einstein feel about the education system?

He felt very hateful and unhappy of his first schools

Did albert einstein regret making the atom bomb?

Einstein didn't invent the atom bomb. He might have felt regret that it had been invented, but he had no personal part in its creation.

How do you use verbalize in a sentence?

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When one of the Weasley twins - I can't quite remember which one - lost his ear, his twin brother asked him how he felt. He answered jokingly that he felt "saint-like". When his brother asked him what he meant, he said that he felt "holey".

What did Einstein think about the concept of time?

Einstein felt that time is relative to the observer. Time speeds up or slows down depending how much faster person A is moving compared to person B.

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'anxious' she said after being asked how she felt.

Give an anagram of the world left?

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How did Einstein study theory of Relativity?

because he felt like it sooo hahahahah bye pplz love hanna fletcher