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She was bicurious

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Q: What did Anne Frank think of boys?
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What kind of feelings did Anne Frank write about?

Anne Frank wrote about her fellings of war, family, and boys.... She wrote during the war. -- Smart Dart

What did Anne Frank hope to do after the war?

i think that Anne frank wanted togo back to her own house

What did Anne Frank's mother think about Anne Frank?

She wanted Anne Frank to be more like her sister, Margot they didnt really get along read the book if it is important

What was the boys name that anne frank liked?

I believe it was Peter Van Daan.

Why did Anne Frank have a Dream about lies goosens?

I think it's a symbol of remembrance... By the way, is Anne Frank's dream about Lies from Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl...?

How did the diary of Anne Frank impact the people of her region?

i think Anne frank had done a splendid job of making her diary

Why did Anne Frank think about school?

Anne loved school with the exception of math, which she detested.

Why does Anne Frank think peter is luckier than her?

Anne Frank wasnt aloud to bring her cat to the secret annex but peter did.

Who wrote 'The Diary of Anne Frank?

Autobiographical, so the writer is Anne Frank

How long did Anne Frank spend in school?

i think 2yrs. so shut up and get a life and stop talking about anne frank :D

What is the solution of the diary of anne frank?

i think her father would publish her diary and see that it would be worldwide

Who was the only occupant of Anne to survive concentration camps?

I think you mean annex, in which case i think you mean Anne Frank