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Twain is using the device of irony in this sentence. Despite describing the boy's lowly status as an apprentice engineer, the word "eminence" suggests a position of great importance or superiority, creating a humorous contrast.

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Q: What device is Twain using when he says the boy who became an apprentice engineer was exalted to this eminence?
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What device is Twain using when he says the boy who became an apprentice engineer was exalted to his eminence?

Mark Twain is using hyperbole in this statement to emphasize the boy's achievements as an apprentice engineer. By describing the boy as being "exalted to his eminence," Twain is exaggerating to convey the idea that the boy's status and accomplishments were raised to a very high level.

How did Mark Twain and his friends feel about the boy who became an apprentice engineer?

Mark Twain and his friends were impressed by the boy's ambitions and determination to become an apprentice engineer. They admired his dedication to learning a trade and saw him as a hardworking and focused individual. Twain often celebrated the perseverance and ingenuity of young people pursuing their passions.

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