What country makes Mondis Welder Generators?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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what country makes mondis welder/generators

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Q: What country makes Mondis Welder Generators?
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What is the annual salary for a girl welder?

The average female welder makes between $12 an hour to $19,

Which country holds the best generators?

The countries that holds the best generators would most likely be in south Asia,and in most parts in south India,also they have the best in Japan where Japanese makes them.

Who makes Powerland generators?


What is a tack weld?

When a welder makes a small weld bead to "tack" a joint together so it will not move. This makes it easier to weld a joint without having to clamp it.Tack welding is when a welder makes a small bead to "tack" the metal into place for the final welding.

What is the average annual salary of a welder in Mississippi?

The average welder makes 32,000 dollars in Mississippi. Welders tend to have their own businesses on the side and can make extra income.

Who makes husky portable generators?

Husky is made by Subaru.

How much does a welder with an associate degree earn?

A welder makes around 30,000 dollars a year. If they work overtime, they can make quite a bit more. This is a job where overtime is often available.

What are wind generators or sometimes called wind turbines?

It makes electricity.

What does a certified welder make an hour?

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana the average certified welder makes between $20-$30 an hour. Now it might be a little different where you're from, but it should be similar to these

Are there any backup generators that run quietly?

There are several backup generators that are designed to run quietly. Honda makes several models of Super Quiet generators that are said to have "ultra-low noise." Others include the PowerMax XP3500 and Generac 4703.

What is a type of machine that makes electricity?

A machine that makes electricity is called a generator. Generators use electromagnetism to convert physical movement into electricity.

Who makes real gear brand welder?

They are a division of praxair. I have a mig 140 and it works great. Definitely worth the 300$ I spent